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Sunday, 29 July 2007

still so much to do

well its been a very long tough two weeks i worked an absurd number of hours but got duly rewarded so funding for my trip should not be an issue and will have something to come back to, but it still feels like something has been forgotten and i wil get to tel-aviv and have to turn around because i dont have some vital passport bit. well with any luck that wont happen but thats all for now cos i have to do my last shift tomorrow and then have to party at heaven for any one that wants to come with, but not before i have woken up early to hang up washing and go to the dali exhibition with saul jesus what a day its going to be never mind what i have to sort out on tuesday so next time i post will probably be at the airport or in israel.

Friday, 27 July 2007

sorry i think the only person who will really get in any sort of huff about this is candy and even then no one can be sure these days. i had to post it its honestly the funniest pic i have seen in ages mostly just the cosmic jewish zombie line brilliant! anyway started packing or more precisely buying stuff to pack like a sweeeet new jeep backpack and the new harry potter but its to late i read the last page i couldn't help myself im sure im supposed to feel bad but i needed to know who dies and now that i do i will find out why. other than that has been a pretty uneventful few days just waiting for the build up to wednesday other than that if anyone that reads this wants to come for a drink at my work on monday please let me know and i will send you directions k i will be working but you can come say hi have been working like a slave but would be cool to see people before i go any way one in the morning has hit again and i still have 2 doubles ahead of me this weekend.

Thursday, 26 July 2007

the worry sets in.

so it seems now at one in the morning on thursday night is when the stress peaks. i think i have everything i need and enough cash a bit frieked out by the thought of a holiday this long the longest i have not worked is about 2 months (but those that know me know i never really work) so this seems like quite a step. im starting to quite like the idea of moving around for a few years more and seeing what i can and finding somewhere cool to live the states,middle east or australia sweeeeeeet. but knowing that im going with very little idea (other than what was fed to me at a jewish school for 4 (i think) years) of what to expect i have accommodation for the first few days and a shabbat invite from a cousin that i might just take just to settle in for a weekend before i hit the kibbutz registration office IN TEL AVIV!!!! IN 10 DAYS!!!!

Monday, 23 July 2007

so it seems the best thing to do is find a job and stick with it for as long as possible because everytime i leave a job there is always shit and its always weird and out of the ordinary shit, this last week has been so incredibly unpleasant not only was it an 80 hours monster but friday morning the heavens decided to open and london got one months worth of rain in about 4 hours so my entire basement was flooded and i have to work a double... then today happens and it seems the extractor fans seized last night so none of the gas stoves or fryer or grill will turn on and even if they did there is no where for the heat to go or the smoke fun times so i have an hour to work up a new cold menu. its a stroke of fucking luck that i worked larder for as long as i did. well its over now and im off tomorrow so the big move of all my stuff to a temporary residence for the next three months has to take place if anyone wants to look after a n64 please let me know all the others are taken sorry.

Sunday, 22 July 2007

and so it begins

well here is my first post of my new blog its probably going to be quite a quick one as its one in the morning and i have to work again tomorrow. firstly excuse the grammar in this blog its mine and i care very little for grammar. so as most of you know i am going to israel for three months in a last attempt to forget about the misery that awaits me in cape town and also really just to have a party and a good time before i find somewhere to settle down for another year or 2 be it dubai, australia or new york . i also want to have this blog because im sick of the hassle,temptation,addictiveness (you decide) of facebook which i wont be checking while i am in israel so if anyone wants to get hold of me you can through this blog or just mail me it seeing as how i have not yet left i will probably end up talking about whats been happening at work and whats been going through my head but for now my cigarettes have run out and i need to sleep.