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Monday, 27 August 2007


i finally have the pc to myself for long enough to post some pics they are mostly of my time in tel-aviv and a few of the people on the kibbutz so here they are hope this works

Friday, 24 August 2007

so loads of people have been asking me to describe my day so here goes. i wake up at about 5:30 every morning (except saturday) and climb in to my filthy work clothes and head off to the banana hut on the kibbutz from there we get driven into the banana fields and it kind of feels like being driven through a jungle in asia somewhere so every morning i have some jimi hendrix going through my head and the feeling that its the sixties. then we have to trim the number of hands on each bunch of bananas for 2 hours then its back to the kibbutz for breakfast then back to the bananas for another six or so hours of trimming the bunches but by the time we get back to the kibbutz for lunch we are all pretty blazed so thats a bonus. after lunch depending on the day before i usually go for a swim in the kinneret or just sit around and drink gold star and smoke. it may not sound like much but its pretty tireing and my alchohol tolerance was rocketed which may or may not be a bad thing. other than that life is pretty easy and chilled, except today when i sliced into my finger with a rusty banana knife not such a good move but i got the rest of the day off so that was pretty sweet any way off to the pub now its friday and i dont have to leave my bed at all tomorrow sweeeeeeet!

Tuesday, 21 August 2007

kibbutz finally

hey everyone sorry it has been such a long time since my last post but the pc at the kibbutz bombed out the day before i got here and its only just been replaced. so the kibbutz i got here and had to spend an hour in an office waiting to be given a room but there was aircon so i was happy then i got given the room right next to the toilet which may not sound great but with the amount i have been drinking in the last week its like striking gold. work wise i have been working in the banana feilds trimming the bunches down its actually quite fun super hot and sweaty and sticky but really good to be spending the day outside and the evening on the beach the kibbutz is right on the shore of lake kinneret up north any way i will write a longer post tomorrow night when the net usage has gotten a bit les manic keep well all

Tuesday, 7 August 2007

off to the kibbutz

hey all i finally registered for a kibbutz and i leave tomorrow its called ein gev and its on the coast of gallilee (lake kinneret) and from what the lady at the kibbutz office says that i will either be picking bannanas or working as a waiter in a restaurant but as long as im not working in a kitchen in this heat i will be happy well im off to sit on the beach and drink cocktails cos i have an early start tomorrow

Friday, 3 August 2007

k the long one

so it has been quite a mad few days got here really early on thursday morning and had to find way my into tel aviv and find a hostel i had booked at a few days ago, so with a small terrible map i wandered around in the sweaty heat with all my stuff going from hostel to hostel looking for the right one (did i mention that drinking ouzo in athens airport is a very bad idea cos its only a 1 1/2 hour flight to israel) i guess it kind of serves me right i had managed to forget my road name and number of my hostel but i remembered where it said it was near so that was kind of ok but i did manage to get to an internet cafe and sort it out then i tried to sleep. tel aviv is not a quiet city and jews are not a quiet people. so after sweating out more booze i managed to get up and go walking around for a bit then met up with benji (katz) and carley(slot) we went to a sweet bar on the beach with cool lights and good drinks then we went back to benji's flat and chilled out for a while. then today we went to the souk at the end of allenby street so i could buy sandals and sleeveless tops and sandals then we went to get pierced so i have a lip ring and they both have nose rings yay now just chilling at the hostel chatting to people online and reading its shabbat so most things will probably be closed but sure i can find a beer tomorrow will post again later with some pics of the holy land unfortunatly tel aviv is not so holy. later

finally here!

well i arrived yesterday to the most intense humid heat of my life i cant really type now but i will post some pictures soon and write a much longer post tonight later