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Saturday, 13 October 2007

been a while

so its been forever since i posted anything partially because i went to jerusalem and then changed jobs so it been about as hectic as life on a kibbutz can get but its almost over only two weeks left before i get back to london and to be honest im almost looking forward to it. the kibbutz becomes a huge comfort zone and im kind of getting sick of it, it seems that people (especially israelis) need problems to make there lives interesting so when they run out of them they create some and all the kibbutzniks that have been living here their whole lives are experts at it, but what they dont realise is that if they dont like us its such a small blip on our general radar that when we leave we will have forgotten about it but they will still be here and still be bitter its just a little annoyance that kind of destroys your time here. any way enough bitching, well i have been moved to the pot wash in the dining hall so i get to run around in gumboots and pink gloves all day just what i was made for! it certainly gives a different perspective on a kitchen so thats not a bad thing. oh and here are the pics of my trip to jerusalem other than that just moving along as usual should be getting another lip ring in the next few days so thats exciting any way enough for now later

Wednesday, 19 September 2007


well i have realised that the kibbutz is a great place it get a bit boring quite quickly and while i do enjoy the bananas and being able to swim in the kinneret when i feel like, the thrill kind of wares off especially when there are only 26 volunteers about 19 of whom speak english and arent fucking weird (there are some serious fucking weirdos) so i think im going to move to a different kibbutz just a bit further north right on the border of lebanon (so if israel go to war with them aain like last year it could be soooooooper sweet) but first to jerusalem and hopefully the west bank but they may not let me in there because of my jewishness and the israeli stamp in my passport but i will only know when i get there. jerusalem should be good plenty to see im told. otherwise nothing new to report will be sure to post it when there is as well as some new pics

Wednesday, 5 September 2007


so other than working and drinking not much has really happened on the kibbutz we went for a day trip all over the golan heights (the mountains that line the border with syria and lebanon) it was a pretty cool trip mostly because we managed to come across loads of old busted up tanks that are really fun to play around in (ok maybe only for boys). the area has been one of israels strongest defences against its neighbours since they took it in '67 but that has not really stopped them trying to attack, there have been loads of troops moved to the border after hezbolah (the terrorist group who supplies all our hash) decided to bomb the shit out of tiberias last year, so we also got to watch loads of tanks and personel carriers doing some training in a huge open field. other than that we went to this weird hippy village in the middle of nowhere, sort of felt like kalk bay just much hotter and without the cocktails. so i have posted some pics for everyone to see because a lot of it is a blur (blitzed from start to finish) hope you enjoy them and hopefully i will have more to say soon. NIN are playing in tel aviv this weekend so if i cant get to a trance party i will probably go to that keep well all

banana monkey

Monday, 27 August 2007


i finally have the pc to myself for long enough to post some pics they are mostly of my time in tel-aviv and a few of the people on the kibbutz so here they are hope this works

Friday, 24 August 2007

so loads of people have been asking me to describe my day so here goes. i wake up at about 5:30 every morning (except saturday) and climb in to my filthy work clothes and head off to the banana hut on the kibbutz from there we get driven into the banana fields and it kind of feels like being driven through a jungle in asia somewhere so every morning i have some jimi hendrix going through my head and the feeling that its the sixties. then we have to trim the number of hands on each bunch of bananas for 2 hours then its back to the kibbutz for breakfast then back to the bananas for another six or so hours of trimming the bunches but by the time we get back to the kibbutz for lunch we are all pretty blazed so thats a bonus. after lunch depending on the day before i usually go for a swim in the kinneret or just sit around and drink gold star and smoke. it may not sound like much but its pretty tireing and my alchohol tolerance was rocketed which may or may not be a bad thing. other than that life is pretty easy and chilled, except today when i sliced into my finger with a rusty banana knife not such a good move but i got the rest of the day off so that was pretty sweet any way off to the pub now its friday and i dont have to leave my bed at all tomorrow sweeeeeeet!

Tuesday, 21 August 2007

kibbutz finally

hey everyone sorry it has been such a long time since my last post but the pc at the kibbutz bombed out the day before i got here and its only just been replaced. so the kibbutz i got here and had to spend an hour in an office waiting to be given a room but there was aircon so i was happy then i got given the room right next to the toilet which may not sound great but with the amount i have been drinking in the last week its like striking gold. work wise i have been working in the banana feilds trimming the bunches down its actually quite fun super hot and sweaty and sticky but really good to be spending the day outside and the evening on the beach the kibbutz is right on the shore of lake kinneret up north any way i will write a longer post tomorrow night when the net usage has gotten a bit les manic keep well all

Tuesday, 7 August 2007

off to the kibbutz

hey all i finally registered for a kibbutz and i leave tomorrow its called ein gev and its on the coast of gallilee (lake kinneret) and from what the lady at the kibbutz office says that i will either be picking bannanas or working as a waiter in a restaurant but as long as im not working in a kitchen in this heat i will be happy well im off to sit on the beach and drink cocktails cos i have an early start tomorrow