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Friday, 24 August 2007

so loads of people have been asking me to describe my day so here goes. i wake up at about 5:30 every morning (except saturday) and climb in to my filthy work clothes and head off to the banana hut on the kibbutz from there we get driven into the banana fields and it kind of feels like being driven through a jungle in asia somewhere so every morning i have some jimi hendrix going through my head and the feeling that its the sixties. then we have to trim the number of hands on each bunch of bananas for 2 hours then its back to the kibbutz for breakfast then back to the bananas for another six or so hours of trimming the bunches but by the time we get back to the kibbutz for lunch we are all pretty blazed so thats a bonus. after lunch depending on the day before i usually go for a swim in the kinneret or just sit around and drink gold star and smoke. it may not sound like much but its pretty tireing and my alchohol tolerance was rocketed which may or may not be a bad thing. other than that life is pretty easy and chilled, except today when i sliced into my finger with a rusty banana knife not such a good move but i got the rest of the day off so that was pretty sweet any way off to the pub now its friday and i dont have to leave my bed at all tomorrow sweeeeeeet!