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Saturday, 13 October 2007

been a while

so its been forever since i posted anything partially because i went to jerusalem and then changed jobs so it been about as hectic as life on a kibbutz can get but its almost over only two weeks left before i get back to london and to be honest im almost looking forward to it. the kibbutz becomes a huge comfort zone and im kind of getting sick of it, it seems that people (especially israelis) need problems to make there lives interesting so when they run out of them they create some and all the kibbutzniks that have been living here their whole lives are experts at it, but what they dont realise is that if they dont like us its such a small blip on our general radar that when we leave we will have forgotten about it but they will still be here and still be bitter its just a little annoyance that kind of destroys your time here. any way enough bitching, well i have been moved to the pot wash in the dining hall so i get to run around in gumboots and pink gloves all day just what i was made for! it certainly gives a different perspective on a kitchen so thats not a bad thing. oh and here are the pics of my trip to jerusalem other than that just moving along as usual should be getting another lip ring in the next few days so thats exciting any way enough for now later